Dynamic DNS (DDNS) with CloudFlare for PPPoE Connections

You maybe wondering what I mean by dynamic DNS for PPPoE connections, well, when you connect to your Internet provider using PPPoE, your public IP address may or may not be dynamic, it means that it will change each time you have to reconnect. PPPoE connections can stop working by several reasons, when this happens your ppp daemon will try to reconnect. At this point, your connection is established, but your public IP maybe a new one, if you are self-hosting sites at home behind your Internet router, this change of your public IP can disrupt the availability of your site.

WIP About Selfhosting

Selfhosting was never something I really wanted to try in the past, with github pages and other options around I really found it impractical since you have to take care of the components, patching, updating, keeping it up and running, also availability of the site can be compromise by a power outage or other external factors that are maybe out of your control. Recently I got a set of raspberry pi boxes to learn Kubernetes and the ecosystem around it, such as traefik for ingress controller, MetalLB for LoadBalancing.